Triumph Counseling Services Of Atlanta
 " An unresolved issue will be like a cancer with the        potential to spread into other areas of your relationship, eroding the joy, lightness, love and beauty." -Joyce Vissell 


The world that we live in has become more and more complex. This new hyperactive enviroment has placed greater demands on our everyday life. The tensions and stress in this climate can make one's life seem overwhelming. There are increasing demands placed on us in the workplace, schools, in relationships, in technology... and it is not surprising that the stress and tensions in our lives have grown. These escalating demands have made it almost impossible for one to do it all.
With so much happening so fast, one may require assistance to cope with difficult situations. Some problems may be solved with help from friends and families. However, the more difficult issues may require a professional or trained specialist to objectively approach a solution. This is were counseling becomes important.
Hello, My name is Dorothy Mingo, CEO and Therapist of Triumph Counseling Services of Atlanta. I am an experienced clinician that offers a comfortable and supportive enviroment where one can work through problems with a skilled, and compassionate professional. As a dedicated Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I can provide therapy for a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues which include a desire for self-improvement and growth to dealing with severe mental and physical illness.
This practice is also dedicated to increasing the number of Licensed Clinical Social Workers in Georgia. Supervision and mentoring is provided for Licensed Masters Social Workers seeking licensure in the State of Georgia. Proper supervision can make the difference in a social worker's professional growth and development. If you are looking for supervision, I can help. Contact me